Who Am I?

Syvel Abance is the author of the book ATED: Understanding the Timeless Values Ingrained in Fading Kkankanaey Tradition and 30ish, Still Single yet Happy. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English (Cum Laude) and Masters in English as a Second Language from the Benguet State University. She is currently taking up a Masters in Religious Studies at the Saint Louis University and training to be a Life Coach at Life Coach Philippines. She is a teacher and presently employed as a Customer Service Representative at SITEL Philippines. She is a member of the Cornerstone Covenanted Community in Baguio City.

She is a proud full-blooded Igorot from the Kankanaey tribe of Benguet. She traces her father’s roots from Bontoc, Mountain Province and are the first settlers of Kibungan. They then migrated to Tuding, Itogon, Benguet. Her mother is from Bakun, Benguet. Her family settled in Sablan, Benguet until present. In her veins circulates the blood of the manbunongs. She dreams to keep the treasures of these manbunongs – the traits, attitudes, and lifelong learnings that kept the tribe resilient, law-abiding, and of good moral character following the ideals of Inayan – and shall inspire the generations to come. She aims to teach these values to the future generations.

She experienced poverty. But she was able to reach her goals one step at a time. She is still reaching for more until she will satiate her satisfied self. She focuses on the grit in order to reach each goals in life and to eliminate regrets.

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